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Unlock the power of compelling storytelling with a corporate book, video or photography where your company's narrative comes to life!

We capture the essence of your business through compelling visuals and provide corporate books, films and photography services.

Picha Publishing will work with you to understand your unique needs and create a visual story that captures the essence of your business.

For NGO's and institutions, elevate your impact with our dedicated platform where inspiring stories drive positive change. With Picha Publishing we prefer to work with non-governmental organizations and institutions that work on long-term sustainable development projects.
Let us help you tell your story.

La Société Textile de Kisangani Sotexki


Every company has its own history and a story worth telling.
Picha Publishing creates professional and purposeful videos that look at the impact the visual medium has on the audience and delivers award-winning communications initiatives, creating and amplifying messages that inspire action.

Let us help you tell your story.


A company book is special memory for your relations and staff. We shape your business story into a form that suits your target group and budget, resulting in a beautifully designed book that everyone can be proud of. With a good balance between image and text.

A company book is your ultimate calling card and leaves an indelible impression. A book confirms your corporate identity and history in words and images. Your customers will also show your business book to their relations. A book has eternal value. Unlike Tiktok or Instagram, a business book passes from hand to hand for many years.


Why settle for the anonymous stock photos that anyone can buy online and that regularly appear on various websites or brochures?
As a business, you want to stand out from the crowd.
Emphasise your company's uniqueness with a series of portraits or a creative corporate reportage.
Show what your company has to offer with a unique visual identity.

Awareness films

For DAI in the Democratic Republic of Congo we made two films about Good Governance Activities where the organisation helps in improving transparency and accountability in the public financial management of mining resources, in line with the Mission’s interagency anti-corruption priorities.


In recent years, Picha Publishing has made three films for the American organization that provides medical aid. For this we went to South Sudan, Ethiopia and Ukraine.

Picha Publishing

Corporate films and photography should be more than just a marketing tool. They should be a reflection of your brand, your values, and your vision. Picha Publishing is passionate about creating visual stories that truly capture the essence of your business.

If you have a story to tell with your company or organization and would like a film, book or photo reportage, please send a message for more information. We think along with you to reach your audience in the best way.
Let us help you tell your story.

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