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Every company and organization has its own unique story.

In a fast-paced world where everyone is clamoring for attention on social media, a business book is a well-thought-out medium with tangible added value.

Place your company in the spotlight and create eternal value.

A company book is special memory for your relations and staff.
Every company has its own history. A story worth telling. We shape your business story into a form that suits your target group and budget, resulting in a beautifully designed book that everyone can be proud of. With a good balance between image and text.

A company book is your ultimate calling card and leaves an indelible impression.

An acquisition tool that confirms your corporate identity, in words and images. Your customers will also show your business book to their relations.

A book has eternal value. Unlike Tiktok or Instagram, a business book passes from hand to hand for many years.

Let's stand together at the printing presses when the content for your book has been finalized down to the last detail.

Picha Publishing

Publication of the photo book Fleuve Congo River for photographer Kris Pannecoucke. Picha Publishing took care of the layout, text translations, and printing. The book is a journey along one of the world's mightiest rivers. The river was the ideal route to take to portray today's Congo. In a country as big as Europe but without roads the rivers are crucial for the economy, transportation and the survival on daily bases. Kris is a photographer born in Kinshasa. He published in National Geographic Magazine, The Guardian, Die Zeit and GEO among others.

The book is sold out.

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